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Hi! I'm Marco. I'm an aspiring sound designer

You have just found my secret sound-design-related website! It's a bit basic, but I hope to expand on it soon. You can find out a bit more about me (and my current job, web development) on my other website.

Sound Design

I'm an aspiring sound designer. Since the summer of 2021 I've been actively studying and practising the art and related subjects with the hope of making it a career (or at least a side job). That said, I'm not new to the world of sound, music and editing. More about that in the experience section.

I'm looking for opportunities as an intern or junior sound designer, or as a sound designer for small projects/game jams

Redesign Compilation

A compilation of sound redesigns that I have done over the last year.

Other redesigns

A Youtube playlist with individual redesigns.

Other Experience

I'm no stranger to sound and music. I've been playing around in DAWs for 15+ years, from working in radio to making my own songs and ambient compositions.

I have been working with Ableton Live for many years, but for sound design my main tool nowadays is Reaper. I have some basic Pro Tools skills, and I'm currently studying WWise to learn about implementation.

I've worked within multiple creative teams, and am skilled in communicating and creative collaboration.


While I was in radio, I was regularly producing sweepers, promos, and similar things for myself and colleagues. Most of this involved using libraries of effects and manipulating them to make exciting material. I even won a national jingle contest once, in which my way of creating new sounds out of the library was praised (dutch link).

For a few years, I was the sole audio branding person on the team of an online radio station (TrackFM), which at some point reached 450.000 people each month. Besides the usual stuff, I also made a lot of so-called powerintros for this station, which is when you make a branded intro of a specific song, baking in the voice and effects while often also cutting up or otherwise editing the original song a bit.

Connect with me

I would love to connect with other sound design people, so feel free to send me an email or hit me up on social networks. I'm @marcohamersma on Mastodon, Twitter, and a bunch of other places.